25/12/2011: Hyperion-Gaming Still alive!

Dear gamers we are still alive! We are hosting servers for some time now for friends and other gamers. We are trying to get a new website runnning in 2012. If you like to chat with us come to our irc channel on Quakenet #hyperion-gaming. We wish everyone a great New GAMING Year!

27/04/2009: Old news

I found some old news and added it you can see it on page 1. Hyperion website has long history. This is the 7th edition. Each week there is coming more news about Wolfenstein, so far its looking good. We have a lot of people that are interested to join us when Wolfenstein will be released!

01/04/2009: New design

We got new design thanks to my friend Amigo. I also updated the site more again and cleaned the code.

27/03/2009: Wolfenstein

Yes, guys we are still alive!

Most of us are busy with studying, work and girlfriends. Some of us still play some ET, rezta still plays a lot and appel plays sometimes as well. Me ( zenix ) also plays sometimes but i am mostly playing ET:QW with my clan Kapoks. Senn is still playing WoW. But... we are thinking about getting fully active again in Wolfenstein, if we like the game. I am already trying to inform with old hyperion players, our new lineup will also include new players. We will remain dutch talking clan. I also updated the site a bit, but it still needs some work.

Stay Tuned!