15/10/2004: Fastgaming Cup

We played our first official war in the fastgaming cup. against Team Massacre Black ( nr3 Benelux) and won that war with 4-0 GG. We have also a new trial. PyRo he is a good player and we hope he can improve and play good!

04/10/2004: Summercup winners!

Its a long time ago i updated this website. Because we where very busy with our team.

The line up changed a lot. Abort and Koffieboon are kicked. mE stopped with playing ET, Angel left Snoozer Efax Aemkei and bullvox joined. Our line up is now: Aemkei, Appel ,Rezta ,Zenix, Efax, bullvox, snoozer, yullaw We also played some good practice matches against waco, ubb and eL we won the first two, and we played a draw against eL And also we won the first ET Summercup 3on3 Final against #GUG# !

07/08/2004: Playoffs!

We played some practices. And we recruited some new players Angel and AppeL are new in our squad. And we kicked Soz and Davidoff because they where inactive. And the good news is we are in the 3on3 ET Summercup playoffs our next opponent will be _easy.