19/04/2006: MAJOR UPDATE \o/

After some time of not working on the site, i've got on my chair and updated it.

The design still is basic, i really don't have enuff time to make a decent one... BUT i've updated the results- and members-section! I've deleted s4u-networks and Miltia from the sponsors-section as well. We are still looking for a server and bnc-sponsor!!

Enuff talk, it's time to introduce our new members! After rocky got kicked, and inactiveness of some players (I BLAME WOW!) we decided we should recruit some new players. Give a warm welcome to

Robert 'Aphesia' Korsten
Niels 'sTx' Soepenberg

Also don't forget our dearest abort who joined some time ago. There is still a vacant spot for one dutch-speaking (!) player. Contact senn or zenix if you think you're up for it!

Now let's talk business!

We have signed up for the upcoming Warleagues-season where we will play the Alpha-group (Azure Fate, kojak, VgS,..) and the upcoming OC. We has been named by some for an EC-qualifier. That would be great, but OC Div1 wouldn't be bad either.

To finish my newspost, i'd like to remind you that we have made it to the final of the Benelux-cup after beating cs3r.Routiniers in the half final. We will face artificial once again! Let's hope this time we can take the victory!

senn out!