01/02/2006: End of NxM-Cup, start of benelux-cup

The NxM-Cup is over for us. We're happy to take the 3d place in the 1st division altho 1st or 2nd wasn't unachievable. We got the to the semi-finals after beating inTellic and Fear Factory but there we lost from BeneD who dominated on sw_oasis_b3 and radar. We got a forfeit-win over Team-Zenith Black in the small finals. Check the results-page for the scores.

Now we're competing in the 2nd benelux-cup in first division, group A. We have to face FAC, Ovr, dtk and gravity in the group-fase. I think only gravity can give us a really hard time.

22/01/2006: UPDATE!

As you might have noticed, we are participating in the NxM 6on6 Cup.
After beating inTellic and Fear Factory we are now in the semi-finals where we are facing
BeneD-gaming (artificial). Our previous encounters with BeneD/art were very exciting, but always ended up in their favor. This time we will try to take revenge once again.

I would also like to mention that i (senn) am non-stop working on the site. I'm trying to make it better and better every time. All ideas and remarks are welcome. View the profile-page to contact me.

06/01/2006: Bncs!!!

After searching for a bnc-sponsor for some time, we have finally found one! Shoutout to madd for arranging this.

26/12/2005: Xmas

We at hyperion-gaming want to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy newyear!! We are taking a break during the holidays but we'll be back to kick some ass! Meanwhile, senn is working on the site.